We have some loaner gear for first time players, but eventually you will need to purchase and maintain your own equipment.


A well fitting, leak-free, comfortable, safe mask is the most important piece of equipment in your kit. Mask fit depends on the size and shape of your head, so it is recommend to try  it on before you buy it.

Recommended Equipment:

Other suggestions: Omer Abyss, IST M-99, Aqualung Sphera

A good mask should be:

We recommend treating and cleaning the inside of your mask glass with a light abrasive (e.g. toothpaste) to reduce fog.

Mask Strap

Stock silicon straps break easily. Replace your mask strap with polyester or polypropylene straps that keep it firmly on your head. This can be made from a camping strap, or purchased from an UWH/UWR shop. Ask around for more info on how to make one.

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Swim Suits and Ear Protection

Recommended Equipment:

You'll need a set of two swim suits (dark and light colors) and two waterpolo caps (dark/light).


Recommended Equipment:

Other Suggestions: Technisub Stratos, Fins4u Open Heel or K8  (

Lots of trade offs between speed, acceleration, maneuverability, comfort, price, durability. Highly recommend to try another players fins in the pool before purchasing. Avoid fins that are very small, very soft, or very long (no 4 foot long free diving fins!), or have holes/vents. 

Things to consider:

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Recommend Equipment:

Avoid anything fancy, like special valves at the bottom or top of the snorkel. Large bore (diameter) snorkels may be better for players with big lungs, they can also be harder to clear. Snorkels can be cut down to a custom length quite easily. You will also want some silicone "snorkel keepers" to attach your snorkel to your mask/cap, or a "snorkel band".

Mouth Gaurd

Specific Recommendations

This is optional, but highly recommended. You have a beautiful face, lets keep it that way.


Items can be found at local dive shops, various online retailers, or the following online shops that have items very specific to underwater sports: